The Venue by David and Company Salon has chosen to raise the bar in the Salon Industry. We're proud to say our new location is nothing short of fabulous and over the top Glamor. The Venue features a 16 Foot Color Bar where you as the client can watch us mix your formula. Allowing you to see the true science behind Our World Renowned Goldwell Hair Color. All European Equipment, 16 Crystal Chandeliers and our lounge area is truly a "Must See." This new state of the art Salon will take our clients back in time with the feel of Historical Aberdeen. But we didn't stop there... Then we wanted to bring you to the future with the feel of Paris and New York high end Glamor.    
 Specializing in the latest cuts, color and finishing services tailored to fit your needs. Geared to fashion-savvy clients, our staff enjoys taking your ideas and blend them together with our skills to find the services and styles that best suits you!  I as the owner of David & Company Salon with over 20 years of experience, look for stylists who have a Natural Gift. I feel as though I'm an artist and my client’s hair is my canvas. I also feel in our profession one can learn a skill but natural talent comes from within!

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